You are loved


I really don’t set out to cover the whole page. it just happens. I love the blue and pinks. the circles, the flowers, polka dots and woman sticker ( Elaine Michelle Etsy).


this process is pretty simple. I do a bit of reading. I listen to some music. In this case Jesus Culture’s 2nd album and I go with the flow. Anyways, here bits from Tim Holtz, Paige Evan and Felicity Jane spattered about, too. I ended up having to gesso these pages (liquitex professional is my favorite) because the paper is super thin. I mixed some gesso with some cobalt (art alchemy’s by finnabair). the magenta is from Dina walkley and the other colors are watercolors from various sources..probably Jane daveport.


lately I am doing a lot pf scrapbooking of my kids and sketching. I have been painting more faces trying to find a happy medium between realism and cartoon.


I really adore this sticker of the woman (from Elaine Michelle’s shop). When I first put it down I worked that it would look too spiffy next to my random bits but now I really like the idea of the woman with the cup…empty, full, something in-between…

tbh I feel like during any given day I cycle thrown all the above and that is okay. I think I am met just where I am and that is always good news.

small gluebook collages

This past week has been full and time to create has been scarce. I am not complaining but I am thinking about creative practice and all that jazz.

I have been doing a lot of collaging with the hopes of enticing myself to journal. However, now I am thinking I just might collage for the sake of collage and journal elsewhere and that is okay.

I have two main places that are speaking to me— for collaging: A traveler’s journal and a Strathmore sketchbook. I occasionally add paint and words but mostly not. most of the following images are not mine (unless drawn/sketched) ( I am not claiming copyright to those that do not belong to me) and pulled from various paper pads(mostly recollections secret gardenia and wild romantic ones), me and my big happy planner sticker packs, wash, illustrated faith,Anthropology Catalogs, Jane Davenport (Happy Hour Book) Art Journaling Magazine, Bella Grace Magazine, CRWN magazine, etc. All of the following images were done in my Strathmore sketchbook

Wishing you lots of creating in this Upcoming new year.