all the notebooks


im really loving all the notebooks. Part of me wants to feel like I should simplify and commit but nope..i’m just going to play.

I decorated these covers with patches, paperboys, scrapbook paper, old art/postcards and old art work. The one with the photo (a old postcard of Jamaica Kincaid ) is my scrap therapy book. The other one with the patch is a mixed media art journal.


I am still loving my big memory keeping planner. TBH I mainly use it was a scrapbook with a few plans decked around here and there. I am thinking of adding my cleaning schedule (which I don’t actually have) on there but who knows…I want all the room for pictures. In regards to my happy planner, I try and take one or two pictures a day. One featuring each or both kids together. I print them on my sprocket daily or catch up on Sunday. Sometimes, I write little snippets but otherwise it’s pictures and decorations. lol. If I ever have one that is not kid heavy…I will feature it after the pen (as they say).


I lamented a bit and decided to get a hobonichi A6 techno. I am not using it as a planner because let’s face it…I don’t need two planners ( or even one…in a traditional sense)) but I am using it as a daily drawing sketching thing. I think it will be good for me because sometimes I wanted to create a mini masterpiece each day and that is not possible. However, it is usually possible to get some sketching in (and I can always color it later). I really want to grow in my sketching this year and hone my style in a simple way. I think having the dates and a limited space will be good for me because sometimes the blank page is so intimidating wisen it comes to drawing (for me)…not painting…always eager so slap some paint on anything.

anyways, that is my notebook musing for the week. none of this is sponsored or affiliate..just the rambling of a notebook nerd.. my opinions and selections are always subject to change…so we shall see how this all goes.

the snow outside is melting and the school is on a delay so I am acting like I have all the time in the world to do all the things.