You are loved


I really don’t set out to cover the whole page. it just happens. I love the blue and pinks. the circles, the flowers, polka dots and woman sticker ( Elaine Michelle Etsy).


this process is pretty simple. I do a bit of reading. I listen to some music. In this case Jesus Culture’s 2nd album and I go with the flow. Anyways, here bits from Tim Holtz, Paige Evan and Felicity Jane spattered about, too. I ended up having to gesso these pages (liquitex professional is my favorite) because the paper is super thin. I mixed some gesso with some cobalt (art alchemy’s by finnabair). the magenta is from Dina walkley and the other colors are watercolors from various sources..probably Jane daveport.


lately I am doing a lot pf scrapbooking of my kids and sketching. I have been painting more faces trying to find a happy medium between realism and cartoon.


I really adore this sticker of the woman (from Elaine Michelle’s shop). When I first put it down I worked that it would look too spiffy next to my random bits but now I really like the idea of the woman with the cup…empty, full, something in-between…

tbh I feel like during any given day I cycle thrown all the above and that is okay. I think I am met just where I am and that is always good news.

Faith Scrapping


A bit of paint, stickers, collage and music. This is the message bible (transliteration) journaling bible. I think I’ve had this for over a year and this may be my second spread. It’s a bit of a mess but I really enjoyed making it… i’m sure there is a metaphor in there somewhere.