planner notes

this month, I finally got a handle on how to use my planner. if you can recall, I got this planner in july. at first I tried to use it like a traditional planner. then I tried to get all creative and such but none of those things worked. 

it all came to a head in October when I did not use the planner but one day, the last one. And it was only after I had journaled a bit over  the remainder (empty pages)  of the month of that I got it.  I just do things and put them in the planner. sorta like a diary but one related to my creativity. for instance, this mornings entry is a simple list---



oil pulling

did some sketching and work with my watercolor markers

notes: feeling sick need read. took two vitamin cs. will make soup for lunch, I think.

sometimes I write more notes or do a bit of journaling.  I still  write the important things to do at the top of dates (or on the action item list)but otherwise, I feel in things as I go. sometimes, I only note something if I haven't  done it in a while or if I know that I need to be mindful about a certain area.

and it works for me.

it feels very personal, so I won't be sharing( too much) of it.

long story short, I actually enjoy this approach over any other one, I have tried.  it feels very organic to me and my process.

do you have a planner? if so how do you use it?