keishua is a photo nerd, paint lover, art journal enthusiast, contemplative writer, bird watching, tea drinker, cat lady, wife and mother. 

she currently lives in the d.c. metro with her family in a little suburb in a small house.

keishua is a former ( and always) librarian, she usually has a stack of book by her side or on her e-reader and way too many projects on her radar. 

she loves flowers and golden light but nature sometimes gives her a huge headache...pollen. she enjoys yoga but nothing too twisty...yin and restorative are more her jam.

one could say she overuses emojis and misuses pronunciations to her own delight. one could say that but there are really better things to complain about....oh and she has a ridiculous sense of humor. laughter is medicine. so is food. and so is community and prayer.

this blog has had several rebirths but basically now it serves place to ruminate, celebrate and observe as keishua sees fit. it does not claim to be an obsolete representation or authority on reality. there is a splattering of everything because that is life, love and being a human.

if one was to ask keishua, what she was in pursuit of, i think she would look at them blankly. 

Then answer. "just to live this life. this gift. to not try to boil it down to a formula or aesthetic but to accept it as it is with both hands open. I want to celebrate what i have.

To crave and create a place of belonging for myself and others to be human and seen. To let go and not follow the culture prescriptions that make my soul ache, even if it costs. and it will cost but the reward for freedom is infinite".

"yes, I've been through hell and high-water but i've known mercy and love, i still do. i can still smile and laugh. I can breath. I am full and alive. i am not perfect. i have bad days, years and seasons but goodness, i am here. I am loved. i love. that is a miracle. i don't want to ignore the darkness and i don't want to forget the miracles that i am living".

"i want to create art and a life of noticing and beauty because i have been given so much seems only right to offer something lovely in return. maybe this little space is my offering or maybe it the begining of an offering".

you can find keishua more of her art and art journal work here of follow along with her writing and ordinary life here